Quote of the day

Positive client feedback makes us happy – its what it is all about. Here are two quotes of the day:

“I am really delighted that it will be delivered by Wed.

I will try to steer some more work your way soon as I really enjoy working with you both and believe your contribution on design projects is really important for a smaller organisation such as ours. We need ‘suppliers’ who can act as part of our team and share our goal to produce the best possible product we can.

Thanks again to you and Dave for all you have contributed.”

Saskia Mazzella
Lung Institute of WA


I am ABSOLUTELY BLOWN AWAY!!! Love what you have done with the brochure. Congratulations!!!!

Trish Palmonari
Left of Centre Concepts & Events

Happy talk

I’ve borrowed a song title from Captain Sensible for this my first post.

It’s a post about being happy! It’s Monday morning, which isn’t always a reason to be happy, Bob Geldof and the Boomtown Rats once said! [am I showing my vintage here?!] The sun is shining, the forecast for the week is sunny and warm, the weekend was great fun – all in all I’m so lucky to be living here in Perth – endorsed every time I watch the news about Libya, Japan, New Zealand etc.

I’ve just started my day my favourite way with a cycle around the city [plus an obligatory long Macciato] and it dawned on me that the best example of how lucky I am is to have such a great variety of fantastic and valued clients and suppliers.

A typical day in the studio for me involves talking to both these categories of people and so each day is varied and often complex. There are always multiple projects in progress, each with their different requirements, deadlines and so forth.

It is therefore important to get along with these people, respect them, listen to their advice, their needs and requirements. Fortunately everyone I talk to during the course of a typical day makes this a pleasurable experience.

That’s why I call this Happy Talk!


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